For Providers:

Sample Breastfeeding-Friendly Childcare Policy

Sample Infant Feeding Plan

Sample Breastfeeding-Friendly Assessment Tool

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For Parents:

Tips for Choosing Breastfeeding-Friendly Childcare

“Many mothers have to be away from their babies because of work or school. This can make
it harder to continue breastfeeding. Choosing a child care provider who is supportive of
breastfeeding is an important part of making it easier to be away from your baby.”

Take this checklist with you, and ask the childcare center:

  1. Do they support your desire to continue feeding your baby your milk?
  2. Is there a place where you can comfortably sit and nurse your baby?
  3. Does the staff feed babies when they are hungry, rather than on a strict schedule?
  4. Are they willing to hold off feeding right before you pick up your baby?
  5. Does the center have a refrigerator for storing milk?
  6. Are you welcome to visit and breastfeed your baby at any time?

Source: North Carolina Breastfeeding-Friendly Childcare program:

Visit the YMCA Child Care Resource Services website for a list of current YMCA Child Care Wellness Champions: or call: 1-800-481-2151 or 619-521-3070


YMCA Wellness Champions must have a breastfeeding policy that includes:

  • Coordinate child care feeding schedules with the mother’s schedule
  • Accept expressed breast milk and use within 48 hours of being expressed
  • Store breast milk in the refrigerator in a bottle labeled with the baby’s name and date the milk was expressed
  • Provide mothers who want to breastfeed a clean, private location in the facility
  • Never deny children entry into the facility because they are breastfeeding

The SDCBC will begin to award a “Breastfeeding Champion Family Child Care Provider” soon…

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