Normalize Breastfeeding in our Community

I have a story about persistence. In 2013, a self-describe “largest Chinese-language newspaper serving North America” published a controversial article. Titled “Breastfeeding photos embarrass Chinese-American to death,” the piece cited anonymous resources, labeled breastfeeding photos as “R-rated-photos,” described breastfeeding images as “disturbing” and “disgusting.” At that time, I just returned to work after a 3-month-long


The Voice of Breastfeeding Community Needs to be Heard

With my colleagues at Asian Breastfeeding Task Force, I had a chance to present at the 14th Breastfeeding and Feminism International Conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina a while ago. At the conference, we presented on a panel entitled “Normalizing breastfeeding in Asian communities.” The focus of our presentation was on sharing the history and


Governor Newsom proposed giving parents six months paid leave

Exciting news for Californian parents—Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he hopes to expand paid family leave to six months in California! Here at San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition, we are happy to start the new year with needed attention given to the dilemma faced by new parents when forced to choose between paycheck and providing


Breastfeed for your baby, as well as for your heart and liver

Talking about the benefits of breastfeeding, we often think of how it keeps our babies healthy, including offering excellent nutrition and stronger immune systems. But two new studies proved that babies aren’t the only ones benefiting: Nursing also appears to provide health benefits for moms. One research found that breastfeeding helps the mother’s heart—that is, beyond


Meet Nicole Trottier

Nicole Trottier, Vice President 1. What does breastfeeding mean to you? Breastfeeding to me goes beyond the mother infant bond, it’s an opportunity to end many disparities and bring equity in health across all socio economic and racially diverse communities. By working to provide support for and promotion of breastfeeding for ALL regardless of race,