More Adoptive Moms Learn to Breast-feed Their Babies

More Adoptive Moms Learn to Breast-feed Their Babies


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By Kristin Kalning
After years of hoping, planning and waiting, Anne Schaeffer finally held her adopted son in her arms – and breast-fed him.

Courtesy Anne Schaeffer

Anne Schaeffer with her son Robbie, who she adopted, and breast-fed, as an infant.

Once upon a time, adoptive breast-feeding, or induced lactation, was rare. And while it’s still not the norm, a growing number of adoptive mothers are nursing their young babies. They do it for the health benefits of breast milk for babies, but also for the emotional benefits for both mother and child.

“It’s impossible for me to know what our bond would be like if I hadn’t done it, but I could not feel closer to my son,” said Schaeffer, whose son is now 11 months. “He’s got a really wonderful, very secure attachment to me. I don’t know how much (breast-feeding) played into it, but it sure didn’t hurt.”

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