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The San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition (SDCBC) is a non-profit association of health professionals formed in 1994 to promote and support breastfeeding through education and outreach to the San Diego community. The SDCBC provides timely and accurate breastfeeding information to healthcare professionals through conferences and trainings, educational materials and other outreach efforts. We offer our services to hospitals, medical offices (pediatric, family practice and OB offices), county health departments, WIC sites and other organizations and individuals that provide lactation services. There are many different opportunities for you to support breastfeeding and the valuable outreach efforts that the SDCBC provides. Please see the sponsorship levels detailed below to find which best fits your organization’s needs. Sponsorship options may be tailored to meet the needs of your company*. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

  •  Premier Conference Sponsor – (per conference) $5,000.00
    • The SDCBC holds educational conferences for healthcare professionals throughout the year. As the Premier Conference Sponsor you will receive top conference billing, your logo displayed on printed promotional materials (flyers, brochures, etc.), a full page ad in the conference syllabus, signage at the conference, a table for your organization’s display & materials, food hosting, and a link on the SDCBC website.
  •  Select Conference Sponsor – (per conference) $2,500.00
    •  As a Select Conference Sponsor, you will be recognized as a conference sponsor on printed advertising materials (flyers and brochures), a 1/2 page ad in the conference syllabus, display table, and a link on the SDCBC website.
  •  In-Office Lactation Training Sponsor – (per training)$100.00
    •  The SDCBC provides breastfeeding education and training to physicians and their staff at their own medical offices. These lunch-n-learn-type trainings are an excellent avenue for your organization to reach a select audience of physicians and their support staff. As official hosts for the In-Office Lactation trainings, you will have the opportunity for food hosting privileges and to have your logo displayed on printed promotional materials as appropriate.
  •  Newsletter Sponsor – (per issue)$1,400.00
    •  The SDCBC distributes a quarterly newsletter for healthcare professionals on various issues as they relate to breastfeeding. Newsletters are available online and are distributed to hospital lactation departments, lactation consultants, health department offices, as well as family practice, pediatric, and OB offices. As the Newsletter Sponsor, you will receive a 1/4 page ad in the newsletter including your logo, a link on the SDCBC website and be listed as a sponsor on the newsletter cover.
  •  Resource Guide Sponsor – (12 months)$3,000.00
    •  The SDCBC creates and distributes the only Breastfeeding Resource Guide in San Diego County. The guide is available online, contains up-to-date information on lactation resources and support and is provided free of charge to healthcare professionals and individuals. Approximately 35,000 copies of the guide were distributed in 2001, with a total of 135,000 having been distributed since 1994. As a Resource Guide Sponsor, you will receive a 1/16 page ad with your logo in the Guide and a link on the SDCBC website.
  •  Website Sponsor – (see monthly break-down options below)
    •  The internet offers great potential for exposure. The SDCBC website (www.breastfeeding.org) has received a web-site excellence award and has steadily increasing visits from both a national and international audience. The site has proven to be a valuable source of information for both the public and healthcare communities with much positive feedback. As a Web Site Sponsor, your logo, a one line message and a direct link to your organization’s web site, will be included on the SDCBC home page.

    12 months — $3,500.00
    6 months — $1,750.00
    3 months — $875.00

  •  Meeting Sponsor – (per meeting)$100.00
    •  The SDCBC holds bimonthly meetings which attract member organizations including a wide range of healthcare and perinatal service providers, representatives from WIC, the CHDP Program, La Leche League, Regional Perinatal Program, Wellstart International, UCSD, health departments plus all of the birthing hospitals in the county. The meeting sponsor will be given full billing for a Coalition meeting and provided the opportunity to display your company’s signage, have food hosting privileges, be listed as the official meeting sponsor on meeting materials, receive special mention, and network with other healthcare professionals. Packages for multiple meetings may be purchased at a reduced rate.
  •  Donor
    •  Individuals or organizations are encouraged to contribute to the General Coalition fund, which will help to support various Coalition activities. We have many smaller projects, and components of larger projects that could benefit from your assistance. Please contact the SDCBC Coordinator at (858) 966-5981 for further details.

* All written materials and ads from sponsors are subject to approval by the SDCBC Board of Directors prior to distribution at any meetings or events. As part of our standing mission, the SDCBC does not accept membership or advertising from artificial baby milk companies or anyone who does not conform to the World Health Organization’s international code for marketing of breastmilk substitutes.