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February 14, 2018

Scholarship Opportunity

Lactation Educator Counselor Course

UC San Diego Extension

Department of Healthcare, Behavioral Sciences and Safety


Download Course Flyer HERE!

Eleven CLEC scholarships have already been awarded and six CLC scholarships have been awarded.  Watch this space for further details regarding the next CLC scholarship.

The San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition and UC San Diego Lactation Programs taught by Gini Baker, RN, MPH, IBCLC are pleased to offer a scholarship for the Lactation Educator Counselor Course.

This scholarship will provide $595 of the registration fee. The student receiving the scholarship will pay $100. The course meets April 24-25-26 & May 22-23, 2018 from 8:30 am – 5 pm at University City Center in San Diego.  Applicant must be a resident of San Diego or Imperial County.

The SDCBC changed the criteria for scholarship applicants!  It is no longer a requirement that the applicant is also a paid member of the Coalition.  The SDCBC does not want to exclude any scholarship candidates because of financial hardship.  Furthermore, the scholarship recipient will receive a one-year membership in the San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition, which we hope will encourage active and ongoing participation in SDCBC activities and events!

Please go to  for details and registration deadline for the upcoming CLEC course.

Please complete application form and submit by March 25, 2018 in order to be considered for the next on-site class, which starts April 24, 2018.

***Application may be emailed to Heidi Burke-Pevney @  You should get an email confirmation that your application was received.  If you do not get confirmation, please contact Heidi Burke-Pevney at 760-443-8683***