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Recognizing Breastfeeding-Friendly Child Care

Each year the San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition will recognize organizations and individuals who are breastfeeding champions in their workplace arenas.  These champions recognize the value of normalizing breastfeeding for families who choose this first food for their babies and take concrete steps to support the breastfeeding dyad by removing barriers in childcare settings.  Childcare providers who make this investment in their practice demonstrate some or all of the following criteria to becoming breastfeeding-friendly:

  1. Created a breastfeeding-friendly environment where mothers are encouraged to breastfeed onsite, and where families and employees are provided a non-restroom space to breastfeed or pump.
  2. Provided individual or employee training to support breastfeeding such that all providers and employees are trained on breastfeeding-friendly practices that include: benefits of breastfeeding, handling/storing/feeding breast milk, creating a breastfeeding supportive environment, policy/procedure development and implementation, and parent engagement and support.
  3. Implemented proper storage, handling and feeding of breast milk by providing refrigerator and freezer space for storage of breast milk, instructing breastfeeding families on how to properly label and store breast milk, and creating individualized feeding plans for every infant under 18 months.
  4. Adopted written policies supporting breastfeeding families and employees by explicitly communicating support in written form for breastfeeding families and employees, and by giving breastfeeding employees the appropriate break time to breastfeed or pump.
  5. Offered breastfeeding resources for families and employees by sharing breastfeeding information from local and online resources.

Two awards will be given: one for center-based childcare and one award for in-home childcare.  Nominations will be accepted through May 31st each year and winners will be announced in June.  Winners will be acknowledged by the SDCBC in our biweekly newsletter, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and at our Annual LIQUID GOLD GALA event held in October at the Southwestern Yacht Club in Point Loma.

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