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Leonard is a website designer and graphic designer for the North Park Group. He has been working with SDCBC for the past year on developing the website.

Breast is best for babies, but not for bodybuilders

In today’s e-commerce world, you can buy anything online. These days along with electronic gizmos and hard-to-find shoe sizes, people are offering human breast milk for sale. But the buyers are often not mothers. The breast milk market is lucrative and booming online as the nourishment for babies has become increasingly popular among some men

Breastfeeding myths and mainstays for the obstetrician

View Link Most ob/gyns are aware of the benefits of breastfeeding and the risks of not doing so. However, many do not appreciate the significant role that they play in supporting their patients’ breastfeeding efforts. Ob/gyns who are aware of some commonly held myths and who are familiar with strategies for breastfeeding can play a

"Landscape of Breastfeeding Support" photo project

View Link As part of the "Landscape of Breastfeeding Support" photo project, the USBC sub-contracted with eight breastfeeding coalitions to create a library of images to capture and showcase "stories" of breastfeeding support in action across four areas that represent the primary factors influencing mothers' infant feeding decisions: Community, Research, Health Care, and Employment. This

Miracle Milk Stroll

Much has been said about the benefits of breast milk for babies. It is the feeding method recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP) and the World Health Organization(WHO). But for the 500 premature babies born each year who contract a potentially deadly disease called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), breast milk can mean the difference between

UN, Nepal Warn Against Untargeted Infant Formula Distribution

View Link Nepal government and the UNICEF have warned against untargeted distribution of breast milk substitutes in the quake-hit country, saying there is a common misconception that during emergencies many mothers are unable to breastfeed adequately due to stress and improper nutrition.

The dangers of casual breast milk sharing

The dangers of casual breast milk sharing Breast milk is liquid gold. When having trouble breastfeeding, our great-great-grandmother might have called for a wet nurse. Now the 21st century technology has opened the door for this ancient practice. In today’s e-commerce world, a young mother can easily buy breast milk online and feed her baby.

Extended breastfeeding and higher IQ

Extended breastfeeding may lead babies to higher IQ and income later in life We’ve heard it many times already—“Breast is best.” The benefits of breastfeeding for a child, physically and intellectually, have been increasingly well-illustrated by a large body of research in recent years. Now one more study adds to it. Breastfeeding has many short-term

Not just for babies: 9-year-old girl thrives on donated breast milk

Not just for babies: 9-year-old girl thrives on donated breast milk Breast milk is not just for babies. In Beaumont, Texas, a 9-year-old girl with genetic disorder thrives on donated breast milk. Her name is Annabel Shelander. She has a rare condition that keeps her from consuming and digesting food naturally. Every day, she sits